Reach Out!

Reach Out! – Community Program

The discipline of ballet engages the dancer in mind, body and spirit. It fosters self-confidence, focus and work ethic in the dancer. Recognizing the power of ballet to bring about positive personal transformation, Portland Festival Ballet has created a strong community-oriented program called “Reach Out!”.

Under this umbrella, we…

  • reach out to underprivileged youth who cannot afford dance education and provide them introductory dance classes, apparel, shoes and transportation at no charge
  • nurture love of dance and art appreciation in school children by offering them highly discounted tickets to professional dance performances
  • involve local talent in production of our dance performances, e.g., for narration, costume creation and live music
  • partner with community organizations (retirement homes, hospitals, libraries etc.) to engage audiences who would otherwise not have easy access to professional performances

We are strongly committed to being an integral part of the Portland community through
various facets of this program..