Lavinia Magliocco

Lavinia was professionally trained in classical ballet at North Carolina School of the Arts and School of American Ballet. She came to Pilates after a life-threatening illness in 1990; with the help of her teacher and mentor, Mona Williams, and physical therapist Jacqui Haas, she was able to return to performing as a classical ballet dancer at the Metropolitan Opera Company in New York City at the age of 27, after a hiatus of eight years.

In 1998 she put aside performing to focus on teaching as a path of expression and exploration, though she was solicited to teach throughout her career by both students and mentors. Lavinia is a fully certified Pilates master teacher with over 17 years experience in the field, eight years as the owner of equipoise, enlightened exercise in Portland, Oregon.

Lavinia has also taught in Cincinnati at the School for Creative and Performing Arts as well as The Dance Hall Contemporary Dance Theatre; at Studio Maestro in New York City, Oregon Ballet Theatre School, Da Vinci School for Performing Arts in Portland, Oregon and at other venues in the United States. She has published over 80 articles and reviews on dance for the Cincinnati Enquirer, Antenna Magazine, Pilates Forum, and Dance Magazine. Many of her students are now professional dancers at American Ballet Theatre New York City Ballet, Cincinnati Ballet, August Ballet, Julliard, NYU, Tisch, and several students are working Pilates instructors, including Angela Kim of Pilate’s Edge and Studio Blue. Lavinia holds a BA degree from University of Cincinnati’s College of Arts and Sciences.

Lavinia Magliocco is Portland Festival Ballet’s official Pilates instructor and consultant. You can find out more about Ms. Magliocco and appointment availability by visiting