How to Use Cade Essential Oil + Benefits

Case essential oil is the oil derived from the cade tree. It has a dark reddish-brown color or brown color with a smoky aroma. Cade essential oil is also known as Prickly Juniper, Juniper tar, Prickly cedar or Cade Juniper.

Major Constituents

Cade essential oil’s principal constituent includes delta-cadinene, l-cadinol, dimethyl naphthalene and a-sesquiterpene.

How it’s made?

Cade essential oil is extracted from the wood of the cade tree; the leaves, berries and stems are also used for medicinal products. The oil is produced through the process of steam distillation.

What are the benefits of cade essential oil?

Cade essential oil is known to have antiseptic and disinfecting properties that have several benefits; some of the benefits are mentioned below.

Medical benefits

The cade essential oil is used for treating medical skin conditions like psoriasis, itching skin, seborrhea, and eczema. It has also been said to be good for diabetes, pneumonia, diarrhea, ulcers, and high blood pressure. The same is used for dressing wounds and cuts.

Product use benefits

Cade essential oil is used in making anti-dandruff products and products for scalp conditions. The essential oil for industrial purposes makes perfumes, deodorants, skin creams, and lotions.

How to use cade essential oil?

Cade essential oil can be used in creams, lotions, shampoo, perfumes and medicinal ointments. It can be used as a diffuser and makes incense sticks. In its oil form, it can be used as a carrier oil.

Strength of Initial Aroma

The initial strength of the cade essential oil is medium. The smell is not very strong but has a strong smoky aroma.

Aromatic Description

Case essential oil has a strong smoky aroma similar to the smell of burning wood. It has an intense scent identical to tar, wood, or a smoky, phenolic odor.

Blending and Uses

The smoky aroma of the cade essential oil blends well with rosemary, thyme, cedarwood, labdanum, clove bud, lemon, geranium and origanum.

Some of the uses of cade essential oils are as follows

 In a cream or carrier oil

Cade essential oil is used for making akin creams and lotion. It prevents acne and pimples on the skin, for which it is used in making skin ointments.

Due to its analgesic properties can be used for massages and even produced as a carrier oil.

In a diffuser

Cade oil is also used to make perfume mixtures, and it is used as a diffuser for aromatherapy in the same line.

In a spritzer

Making a spritzer at home will require a precautionary measure. However, it can be used as a spritzer for some extra aroma.

Can you ingest cade essential oil?

Ingesting cade essential oil is not advisable. Consuming the same can cause serious health issues like indigestion, respiratory distress and can cause cardiovascular illness. It can irritate your mouth on consumption. Consult or seek the help of a professional practitioner while using cade essential oil for external as well as consumption.

Cautions, Safety, and Side Effects of cade essential oil

The key to cade essential oil being useful and medicinal depends on the quantity and the way it is used. One needs to keep in mind several safety measures while using cade essential oil. The oil also contains toxic properties which can cause serious health hazards.

Is cade essential oil safe during pregnancy?

There is not enough information on the effects of cade essential oil during pregnancy. Using cade essential oil during pregnancy is not advised to remain on the side of safety and avoid any risks.

Does cade essential oil stain?

Although Cade essential oil has a brown color, it does not stain on the skin and the clothes when used.

 Is cade essential oil toxic?

With its numerous medicinal and industrial health benefits, Cade essential oil can still be toxic. The quantity of the oil used is crucial in making it therapeutic or toxic.   The oil contains phenol which is known to have harmful effects. However, they are often used as folk medicine.

When consumed orally or super exposed, the property phenol can cause serious health hazards like gastrointestinal problems and cardiovascular and respiratory problems. It is strongly advised to have professional supervision when used or consumed.

What to Look for when choosing a cade essential oil?

Doing good research before purchasing any essential oil is always crucial. Doing so will give you a good idea about which oil serves you best as per your preference. Make sure you check the health benefits and uses of the oil before purchasing. Also, take good research on cade essential oil’s side effects and health hazards. You can be allergic to the essential oil too.

What substitutes are there?

The cade essential has a specific aroma; however, it can be substituted with cypress, fir, spruce or even pine for the aroma. As for the therapeutic substitute, there are several other substitutes for different requirements.

Bottom line

Cade essential oil has many medicinal values and used correctly can be very useful.

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